eSlate - Electronic Voting System

What is eSlate?
eSlate™ is an electronic voting system, also known as a Direct Record Electronic (DRE) voting system. The eSlate is manufactured, marketed and supported by Hart InterCivic. eSlate has won acclaim for its ease of use, accessibility to disabled voters and fast, efficient ballot tabulation. Its unique Rotary Select™ technology ensures voters can confidently and accurately register their votes. The eSlate appliance is about the size of a legal pad, about one inch thick, and weighs just 5.2 pounds. The voter uses a simple rotary wheel to move through the on-screen ballot and select his or her vote requiring no technical expertise of the voter. [learn more at the Hart InterCivic web site]
 How to use eSlate
You may request a live, interactive demo by Brazos County election officials for you or your organization by following the instructions at Request an eSlate Demo.